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ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coils


What is ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coil

ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coils(Hereinafter referred to as A36 HRC)  are actually one of the more widely used and popular carbon structural steels in the industry today. Because of its strong welding properties, ASTM A36 HRC is widely used in grinding and drilling processes.

ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coils related parameters

Product Details

Main Specifications




hot rolled coil :






Chinese Standard

Q235A,Q235B,Q345A,Q345B,ST52-3,Q235C,,Q235D,Q345D,Q345E,Q345E-1,Q390A,Q390B,Q390C,Q390D,Q390E,Q420C,Q420D,Q420E, Q460C,Q460D,Q500D,Q550D,SQ550D,16Mnq,Q345qC,Q345qD, Q345qE,Q370qC,Q370qD,Q370qE,Q420qC,Q420qD,Q420qE, 10#,15#, 20#,30-45#, 50#,20Mn, Q345GJC, Q345GJD, Q245R, Q345R, 16MnDR,Q370R,16MnL

Japanese Standard

SS400 ,SM400A,SM400B, SM490A,SM490B,SM520B,SM520C

European Standard

S235JR, S235J0,S235J2,S275JR,S275J0, S275J2,S355JR,S355JO,S355J2,

S355J2G3, S355K2, S355N

American Standard

A283 Gr.A,A283 Gr.B, A283 Gr.C, A283 Gr.D,A285 Gr.A, A285 Gr.B, A285 Gr.C,A572-GR50,SA515/516/GR55, SA515/516/GR60, SA515/516/GR65, SA515/516/GR70, A573 Gr.58,A709 Gr.36, A709 Gr.50; A537 CL1,A537 CL2,A537 CL3, A387 GR.11CL2, A633 Gr D, A36

Chemical composition


Q235AC:0.14~0.22%; Mn:0.30~0.65; Si≤0.30; S≤0.050; P≤0.045
Q235B(Hot Selling)C:0.12~0.20%; Mn:0.30~0.670; Si≤0.30; S≤0.045; P≤0.045
Q235CC≤0.18%; Mn:0.35~0.80; Si≤0.30; S≤0.040; P≤0.040
Q235DC≤0.17%; Mn:0.35~0.80; Si≤0.35; S≤0.040; P≤0.035

Product Show

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Key Applications for ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coils

ASTM A36 HRC is not only in the form we have described in this article, but also in various forms such as rectangular and square bars, such as stainless steel angles, which are commonly used in the construction industry.

In fact, ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coils are used in the construction of mechanical parts, automotive equipment, bearing plates, forgings, oil machines, and more. These are based on its durability, and it can even be recycled to make new steel products.

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